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Busy NICU nurses

Nurses can only do so much during a shift. As per an article by Medscape “Revelation of busy NICU nurses” (Jan. 2015) a survey was done with focus on the nurses who worked on the last shift. More than 90% of responding nurses reported caring for 2 or more infants, and 5.6% reported caring for 4 or more infants.

Now, can you imagine what it is to get through their Department, while they are constantly so busy?  It is nearly impossible.  Even by leaving messages, it is only with luck that I get a call back.  I do completely understand though.  It’s a real challenge to work in that department where so many little patients work hard to survive and to go home soon.

Some of their Nursing Care Activities include:

Attending daily rounds, routine bath, parent education, oral feeding, vital data communication, routine repositioning, oxygen titrating, pain management, developmental care, hourly intake and output, infection control precautions, kind and wound care, hand hygiene, equipment safety check, vital signs assessment, comprehensive physical examen, obtain lab specimens, timely alarm response, labs communication/vital signs and more.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to reach following NICU’s:

-North West Medical Center in Margate

-St Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach

-Wellington Regional Medical Center in Wellington

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My current goals

For this month, I am still collecting donations form hotels for toiletries (shampoos, soaps, body wash, conditioner, creams, toothbrushes, toothpaste) for the Miami Rescue Mission Center for Homeless Women and Children, to be distributed in February.

I am trying to reach the St Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach to visit their NICU and present my brochure, but they have been business than ever.

Girl Scouts cookies available this month and January.  Interested in cookies?

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Bethesda Health Hospital East

Many people don’t know that a special Neonatal Intensive Care Unit exists, or what is going on behind those closed walls, nor have they ever visited one.  We need to realize how nurses and doctors play an important role at a critical life start of such tiny people, working tirelessly for their comfort and wellbeing.

Bethesda Health East - NICUTeresa Bledsoe, Clinical Manager of the Pediatrics NICU/PICU at the Bethesda Hospital East in Boynton Beach, FL asked me first to thoroughly wash my hands with a medical brush for 3 minutes, the same one doctors use before an operation, then kindly guided me to the rest of her team.  We passed by numerous incubators, it seemed like a very busy moment with many tiny patients surrounded by proud parents, grandparents and a mom who was breastfeeding.  I started briefly presenting  my brochure and I was overjoyed by the interest of her team, curious about the activities the brochure offered for the different age groups for siblings to better bond with their preemies while at the NICU.  This was my first visit to a NICU in West Palm Beach county.

Teresa Bledsoe (first on the right in white) holds a RN and BSN degree and graduated from Florida Atlantic University.  Thank you Teresa for having had me at your wonderful unit!


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College plans have been keeping me busy

Between school and college applications, it has been a bit of a hectic moment to find time and make more calls to NICU’s to schedule new appointments.

My next plan is to  contact the Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach.

Summer was fun and busy.  I was able to visit a pre-med school which gave me a better idea of the different medical fields and options, I briefly had an opportunity to volunteer at the Holly Cross in Ft Lauderdale and I was also able to visit my grandparents abroad.

What I completely forgot to add, was that I was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award, it was indeed a great accomplishment and this thanks to the help of all knitters and NICU!  It was definitely an amazing experience, I met so many people from different backgrounds, saw so many cute little babies which all contributed to my personal growth. Any community service project increases awareness of endless needs and broadens minds about different perspectives.



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Broward General Hospital

After so many attempts I was finally able to visit yet another amazing hospital and present my brochures to them. I met with Maria Osuch(Nurse Manager) and Jennifer Bilecki (Clinical Specialist, NICU), who informed me about their installment of 125 new beds for their unit. They also mentioned that many of their preemie parents speak Creole and they hold weekly events for preemie families to come together. I am always excited for meeting interesting people with great hearts!


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Girl Scout Gold Award Information

The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. This prestigious award is earned by high school girls who complete extraordinary leadership projects that change our community, and sometimes even the world, for the better.

7 Steps to Make a Difference in the World

  1. Identify an issue

    Choose an issue that is important to you.

  2. Investigate it thoroughly

    Learn all you can about this issue.

  3. Get help and build your team

    Assemble a team to assist with your efforts and help you Take Action!

  4. Create a plan

    Determine the fundamental cause of the issue and the steps to solve it.

  5. Present your plan and gather feedback

    Submit your Project Proposal Form to the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida for approval.

  6. Take action

    Lead your team and execute your plan.

  7. Educate and inspire

    Tell your story and share your results.

Gold Award Benefits

  • Higher education and career

    Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process.
    Earn college scholarships.
    Enter the military one rank higher.

  • Life skills

    Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader.
    Master time management skills.
    Make the world a better place.

  • Community

    Use your vision for change.
    Tackle an issue, locally or globally.
    Establish a lifetime network.
    Create your community legacy by creating a sustainable solution to a problem.