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Girl Scout Gold Award Information

The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. This prestigious award is earned by high school girls who complete extraordinary leadership projects that change our community, and sometimes even the world, for the better.

7 Steps to Make a Difference in the World

  1. Identify an issue

    Choose an issue that is important to you.

  2. Investigate it thoroughly

    Learn all you can about this issue.

  3. Get help and build your team

    Assemble a team to assist with your efforts and help you Take Action!

  4. Create a plan

    Determine the fundamental cause of the issue and the steps to solve it.

  5. Present your plan and gather feedback

    Submit your Project Proposal Form to the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida for approval.

  6. Take action

    Lead your team and execute your plan.

  7. Educate and inspire

    Tell your story and share your results.

Gold Award Benefits

  • Higher education and career

    Distinguish yourself in the college admissions process.
    Earn college scholarships.
    Enter the military one rank higher.

  • Life skills

    Be seen as a role model and distinguished leader.
    Master time management skills.
    Make the world a better place.

  • Community

    Use your vision for change.
    Tackle an issue, locally or globally.
    Establish a lifetime network.
    Create your community legacy by creating a sustainable solution to a problem.

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Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Hollywood

Yesterday, I visited the NICU Department at the  Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. I had the great pleasure of meeting the Director of Nursing, Peggy Farrell and the Nurse Manager, Chikita. As I waited for their arrival, I noticed many parents coming in and out.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, HollywoodThey are soon adding a total of 84 beds into their NICU. They informed me that the Russian language is being heard of much more now. Knowing this, I would love to find someone who would be able to help me translate the brochure into Russian and I still haven’t found help with translating into Creole.

Thank you for having received me, it was very interesting to hear about your backgrounds and the hospital’s wonderful work.

Joe DiMaggio-NICU

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Holtz Children’s Hospital – Jackson, Miami

I was able to visit Mrs Kylie Rowland, Director of Patient Care Services at the Holtz Children’s Hospital/Jackson in Miami, FL, where I briefly presented my brochure to her. I was really impressed by her position, holding an RN and MSN degree Holtz Children's Hospital - NICU and managing so many employees in one of the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the United States.  The Jakson Memorial Medical Center is also worldwide known for their advanced research in improving neonatal care and being so successful treating critically ill infants.