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Searching for Knitting Volunteers for Preemies

The head of a premature baby is a 1/4 of its body surface area and thus, it can lose a lot of heat. The more preterm the baby is, the largest its head is  in relation to its body. A small preemie hat helps prevent such heat loss.

         Knitting preemie hats is a wonderful knitting project and I truly enjoy it. To be successful, I will need the help of many of you.  Please get in touch with me (by replying back with your contact info) and let me know if you can contribute with some cute preemie hats as well.  This will be an ongoing project as there are constantly new premature babies in urgent need of them.

            Chris Evert Children’s Hospital at the Broward Health Medical Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, the nurses, the premature babies’ families and myself, everyone will really appreciate this!

Thank you very much!  Valeria

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Excited to Start My Knitting Project

I am a Girl Scout and as a goal for my Gold Award Project for 2015, I have always wanted to help premature babies.  Ever since young, I felt a special relation to them.  They were so tiny and cute. I immediately bonded with them, as I was very small too, when I was born, although not a preemie.

Preemies Hats

Knitting Preemies Hats

After further researching, I found out that it is difficult to find preemie hats in stores.  I decided I wanted to contribute and create preemies hats for them to keep them warm.  I visited the Preemies Department at the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, Broward Medical Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and spoke to the Head Nurse about my project.  When she agreed to it, I felt so happy to be able to do my own project and specially, to be able to help others in need.

This is the start of my story…more to come