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Parents Juggling to Visit their Premature Babies at the NICU

I am now trying to write more posts than only once per month, while keeping up with my preemies project, other volunteer activities, sports and dealing with school homework and studies.

This post is about visiting the NCIU, which stands for Neonatal Care Intensive Unit.  It is not only hard for parents knowing how to best bond with their premature babies.  Siblings have a difficult time too.  Depending on their age,for example the youngest ones, they are not quiet understanding what is going on and why they need to accompany their parents to the hospital, instead of staying at home Premature baby and siblingsat the end of the day.  But often, there is no one else around to take care of them and even if they are tired, they have to go to the hospital too.  The little ones often have the worst tantrum and the parents are already stressed enough by their responsibilities at work and at home, picking up their children and rushing to see how their newborn is doing.  They often don’t know how to keep their other children occupied or simply run out of ideas, while visiting their premature babies. This can often go for long days, weeks or even months.

Many hospitals have implemented a webcam for parents to have access to a live video stream above the incubator.  This has been a huge advance and relief, allowing parents to see their babies at any time of the day.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking of ideas on how to keep siblings occupied while visiting their premature sister or brother at the Neonatal Intensive Care Until.  I will continue creating the list until I have it ready to post in my blog.

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