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Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Hollywood

Yesterday, I visited the NICU Department at the  Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. I had the great pleasure of meeting the Director of Nursing, Peggy Farrell and the Nurse Manager, Chikita. As I waited for their arrival, I noticed many parents coming in and out.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, HollywoodThey are soon adding a total of 84 beds into their NICU. They informed me that the Russian language is being heard of much more now. Knowing this, I would love to find someone who would be able to help me translate the brochure into Russian and I still haven’t found help with translating into Creole.

Thank you for having received me, it was very interesting to hear about your backgrounds and the hospital’s wonderful work.

Joe DiMaggio-NICU

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Holtz Children’s Hospital – Jackson, Miami

I was able to visit Mrs Kylie Rowland, Director of Patient Care Services at the Holtz Children’s Hospital/Jackson in Miami, FL, where I briefly presented my brochure to her. I was really impressed by her position, holding an RN and MSN degree Holtz Children's Hospital - NICU and managing so many employees in one of the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the United States.  The Jakson Memorial Medical Center is also worldwide known for their advanced research in improving neonatal care and being so successful treating critically ill infants.

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Patience is the Key to Success

Days fly and my school duties keep me quiet busy.  In despite of my efforts to reach out for more NICU’s, I have not been able to get in touch with them.  It is simply difficult to get through; they are busy enough.

I know the guide I created for siblings to bond with preemies has had a good acceptance, but I want it to be found in as many NICU’s as possible.

Next ones on my list are Joe DiMaggio Hospital, Jackson Memorial and Broward General.  Wish me luck.

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Plantation General Hospital, Plantation

Yesterday morning, I met with the Clinical Coordinator of the NICU department in the Plantation General Hospital. Presenting my Preemie Brochure “Tips on How Siblings Can Bond with Preemies” was definitely another success. I am so glad to have had the chance to meet with Ms Dori Wilson, as she gave me new ideas on how to expand on my project and guided me through some of her experiences in the field. I hope to continue visiting more hospitals soon.

Plantation General Hospital NICU


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West Boca Medical Center, Boca Raton

New Hospitals, New People

Yesterday after school, I had the privilege of presenting my Preemie Brochure at the West Boca Medical Center. I met with the director of the Pediatrics/PICU/NICU department, Ms. Abica Jagarnauth, who is currently earning her PhD.  This was again another great experience, which I know will lead me to new ones very soon. Keep reading through my posts, I will be posting more soon about my next visits!

Below, a picture of  Ms. Abica Jagarnauth(first left) along with the nurses working in the NICU department.

Boca Medical Center

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Holy Cross Hospital, Ft Lauderdale

A total of 120 knitted hats were donated to the Holy Cross Hospital, NICU Department.

Additionally, I created a handout for parents and siblings with tips on “How siblings can bond with their preemie” in English and Spanish.

Watch out for my next post, so you can download it.

Donations came from “Yarn and Arts” shop, as well as other great knitters from the knittingparadise forum.  Thank you very much!

A special Thank You to Christine Walker and Donna Riordan for allowing me to visit your wonderful hospital and for your great post in FB!  

Please click here: Holy Cross Hospital – Facebook article

Neonatal Dept Holly Cross Ft Lauderdale

Photo (L-R): Lalit Shah, MD, Valeria Sonderegger, (L-R)Erin Mercado, RN, BSN, Jennifer Pope, RN-C, Donna Riordan, RN, MSN, MHA, Executive Director of Maternal/Child Health