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Busy NICU nurses

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Nurses can only do so much during a shift. As per an article by Medscape “Revelation of busy NICU nurses” (Jan. 2015) a survey was done with focus on the nurses who worked on the last shift. More than 90% of responding nurses reported caring for 2 or more infants, and 5.6% reported caring for 4 or more infants.

Now, can you imagine what it is to get through their Department, while they are constantly so busy?  It is nearly impossible.  Even by leaving messages, it is only with luck that I get a call back.  I do completely understand though.  It’s a real challenge to work in that department where so many little patients work hard to survive and to go home soon.

Some of their Nursing Care Activities include:

Attending daily rounds, routine bath, parent education, oral feeding, vital data communication, routine repositioning, oxygen titrating, pain management, developmental care, hourly intake and output, infection control precautions, kind and wound care, hand hygiene, equipment safety check, vital signs assessment, comprehensive physical examen, obtain lab specimens, timely alarm response, labs communication/vital signs and more.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to reach following NICU’s:

-North West Medical Center in Margate

-St Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach

-Wellington Regional Medical Center in Wellington

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