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Donations and brief NCIU visit

I was lucky to find out that there is a Yarns and Arts store in our neighborhood of Ft Lauderdale, FL.  When I visited them, I was so excited to see so many people sitting in larger groups, everyone knitting something special at their own rhythm.  This is definitely a store like no other around; they offer a rainbow of yarns of all colors and fibers, all types of needles in different materials you can image.  They even offer classes.  You will immediately feel at home with such nice and welcoming people.

yarns - knittingThe owner, Maria Villegas and Debbie Sorenson , greeted me with a friendly, welcoming smile on separate visits.  I had the opportunity to present my Girl Scout Preemie Gold Award Project.  By coincidence, they have been discussing recently on how they can help others with their knitting projects on their limited spare time.  I was so thrilled to hear that they loved my project idea and that they would be willing to knit preemie caps for the Neonatal Department at the Hospital. I mentioned to them that the Holy Cross Hospital, a non profit Catholic Hospital since 1955, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and a member of CHE Trinity Health would be a great choice, as it is nearby and they have an amazing team in real need of preemie hats.

Talking about the Holy Cross Hospital, I recently had the opportunity to visit their Neonatal Department in Ft Lauderdale.  There, I was kindly greeted by the Executive Director of the Maternal Child Health Department, Donna Riordan, RN, MSN, MHA and their great Team. I was even able to briefly peak at the Preemie babies; they were sooo cute, so tiny and so well cared of.  I was ecstatic.  These little people are so beautiful and need so much love.  I was happy to see that I could be part in their lives, even indirectly by knitting my own preemie caps for them.