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How to Bond with Preemies

Preemies receive all deserved attention at the NICU, but what happens to Siblings?

Siblings feel often neglected and jealous, they don’t understand what’s really going on and why their preemie sister or brother are at the hospital and not at home.

While visiting different hospitals, I realized a lack of information in the waiting area on how siblings are able to bond with the preemies. Often times after a long day at work, parents still go and visit their preemie baby along with their other children. These children are also tired of a long day, probably bored and are not sure on how to react with the preemie brother or sister.  In some instances, they need to wait outside, since they are not allowed to enter the NICU.  This is why I thought of creating this guide to give parents or siblings ideas on what they can do to bond better and faster. It has been well accepted in some hospitals already and I hope to bring them to many more.

“Tips on How Siblings can Bond with Preemies” is a guide with different age categories and activities for siblings to bond with their preemies.  They are available in English or Spanish.  Hope they can be helpful to you!



How Siblings can bond with Preemies


Cómo mejorar el lazo de unión entre los hermanos y el bebé prematuro


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