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College plans have been keeping me busy

Between school and college applications, it has been a bit of a hectic moment to find time and make more calls to NICU’s to schedule new appointments.

My next plan is to  contact the Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach.

Summer was fun and busy.  I was able to visit a pre-med school which gave me a better idea of the different medical fields and options, I briefly had an opportunity to volunteer at the Holly Cross in Ft Lauderdale and I was also able to visit my grandparents abroad.

What I completely forgot to add, was that I was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award, it was indeed a great accomplishment and this thanks to the help of all knitters and NICU!  It was definitely an amazing experience, I met so many people from different backgrounds, saw so many cute little babies which all contributed to my personal growth. Any community service project increases awareness of endless needs and broadens minds about different perspectives.



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Mail address for all preemie hats donations

I need your help.  Please keep on knitting many more preemie hats; the Holy Cross Hospital or Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in Ft Lauderdale are in real need.

You can mail your donations to my Girl Scout Troop Leader

Marice Band – GS Group Leader 1239 
c/o Valeria Sonderegger
5735 La Gorce Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140-2141
I want my supporters know how much their hats are appreciated.
The donation of hats is a way of sharing love and hope to make a tiny difference in preemie’s first months of life. 
Premature babies are fighting for their lives.  Many cannot breath on their own and many stay in the hospital for several months.
Preemie hats are kept forever in their families as this is how they remember their first days, weeks and months of their baby.  It makes an impact on families’ grief.

All donations will be delivered beginning of next year to the Christ Evert Children’s Hospital Neonatal Department in Ft Lauderdale.


I will confirm to you, as soon as your preemie hats arrive.  Thank you sincerely!


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Looking for knitting volunteers in Ft Lauderdale/Miami Area

Anyone interested in helping knit preemie hats?

Please let me know, as you are helping not only me by achieving my Girl Scout Gold Award; but you will be helping the Neonatal Department of various hospitals in real need of preemie hats in the area of Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Note that it is hard to find them in stores and so easy for us to knit and donate.  It will be the most rewarding experience.

Thank you for considering it and please let me know if you would like to help and make any donations by sending me your comments.

Thank you!!