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NICU – Preemies – Siblings

Bethesda Health Hospital East

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Many people don’t know that a special Neonatal Intensive Care Unit exists, or what is going on behind those closed walls, nor have they ever visited one.  We need to realize how nurses and doctors play an important role at a critical life start of such tiny people, working tirelessly for their comfort and wellbeing.

Bethesda Health East - NICUTeresa Bledsoe, Clinical Manager of the Pediatrics NICU/PICU at the Bethesda Hospital East in Boynton Beach, FL asked me first to thoroughly wash my hands with a medical brush for 3 minutes, the same one doctors use before an operation, then kindly guided me to the rest of her team.  We passed by numerous incubators, it seemed like a very busy moment with many tiny patients surrounded by proud parents, grandparents and a mom who was breastfeeding.  I started briefly presenting  my brochure and I was overjoyed by the interest of her team, curious about the activities the brochure offered for the different age groups for siblings to better bond with their preemies while at the NICU.  This was my first visit to a NICU in West Palm Beach county.

Teresa Bledsoe (first on the right in white) holds a RN and BSN degree and graduated from Florida Atlantic University.  Thank you Teresa for having had me at your wonderful unit!


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